About Us

She (Dom) loves juicy, hoppy IPAs and has a newly developed appreciation of gose style beers. Dogfish Head will always have a special place in her heart.

He (Pete) also enjoys New England style IPAs (current favorites are from Bissell Brothers in Portland, ME) and a clean, refreshing wheat beer.

He knew She was the one when she won a Guinness chugging contest.


We are 30-something beer enthusiasts and amateur homebrewers from central Connecticut. We met at a bar, got engaged at a brewery, and skipped the champagne toast to cheers with a vintage bottle of Life and Limb at our wedding. We even snuck out during our cocktail hour for Irish Car Bombs from the pub next door. Needless to say, we love beer.


One of our favorite hobbies is discovering and drinking craft beers. Over the last several years, we have traveled throughout New England (and the mid-Atlantic) visiting local breweries. At the suggestion of a few friends, we decided to start a blog to share our adventures with beer.

We hope you enjoy – cheers!


Email us at shesaidbeerhesaidiloveyou@gmail.com.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I love your blog…thinking of doing the same (as suggested by a few friends too) however I don’t like sweet beers and I’m very partial to IPA’s…I’m more of a double and triple IPA consumer, with a passion for Stouts and Dark Lagers. Add a few wit beers and a variety of Pilsners to make it whole!


    1. Thank you for stopping by! We too tend to be partial to IPAs, but one of us likes stouts and porters more than the other. The great thing about having a blog like this is that we get to experience different tastes and styles from various breweries. After a few months of brewery visits, you may find that your tastes change. You should definitely go for it and have fun! Cheers!


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